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Im going to go against the grain and say at 33 my cut off for dating someone is 5 years younger.

My mom is only 4 years older than him so looking at that perspective I don't know. Not all guys that are older than the female are total pervs though some are, just like not all young women are immature, some are more mature for their age.

My boyfriend shares none of these qualities and certainly couldn’t pull off the latter, but we are remarkably compatible despite a seven-and-a-half-year age difference.

Plus it wouldnt be fair to have the same expectations of a 20 year old in a relationship as you would someone only a few years younger.

As I remember it, there is quite a difference between being in your early 20's and being in your 30's.

In my personal experience, I’ve also found that an age difference matters far less than a difference in lifestyle.

Granted, my boyfriend and I share plenty of commonalities — similarly subversive viewpoints, a deep affection for his bulldog, a disdain for abstinence in any form — but our relationship is also aided by the fact that neither of us has 9-to-5 aspirations for the immediate future.

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