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Like Superman, whose power limits remain to be seen, there is so much potential that remains untapped within you. You show a lot of control and discipline on the outside, but you can be a storm of anxiety and insecurity on the inside.

If you're not already a fan of the good doctor, you should Netflix him immediately.when you have someone new to spend the holidays with because, let’s be real here, how well do you really know each other?If you’re one of those people who has a brand-spankin’-new significant other, this one’s for you…Your spirit animal is Han Solo, you still try to use The Force to move random objects, and you live by one very important rule: let the Wookiee win. Most importantly, you have a precious gem the other fandoms don't: Tom Hiddleston. If this is already your residence, awesome, and if not, it's time to sit back and light up some Old Toby, finest in the South Farthing. Whether you've been a fan for years or you're a fan of the J. Abrams reboot, you're a member of the most famous fandom. Whether you're pro-Kirk or pro-Picard, you're a big fan of peaceful exploration, space travel, science, and the power of George Takei. You're part of a fandom that's powerful and united enough to get a cancelled TV show made into a movie.You and your fandom believe in magic, but you're also realists, and devour all things Tolkien. From Buffy's one-liners to River's philosophies, your fandom values witty humor above all.

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Jeremy Guy Vine (born ) is an English presenter, broadcaster and journalist.