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So hard to retain your calm When your fingernails are making serious alterations in your life line or love line or some other important line in your palm; So hard to give your usual effect of cheery benignity When you know your position is one of the two or three in life most lacking in dignity.And your mouth is like a section of road that is being worked on.

You also know that sometimes my heart aches with the desire to be near my partner: to share life’s joys and to comfort each other when life is hard; to laugh together, to play together, and to be able to look one another in the eye and say “I love you,” even when resolving conflicts.Mom is a woman who is afraid of germs and has trouble being around the rest of the family without her rubber gloves.She is rarely seen without her gloves, and, should she happen to lose them, starts to go insane in an episode - "Pslightly Psycho" to be exact - when they have gone missing from her nightstand.And please, Lord, if you will, help us find a way to be together soon.In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

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