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Rick Moen, an experienced Linux system administrator, counters that: [That argument] ignores Unix's dominance in a number of non-desktop specialties, including Web servers and scientific workstations.A virus/trojan/worm author who successfully targeted specifically Apache httpd Linux/x86 Web servers would both have an extremely target-rich environment and instantly earn lasting fame, and yet it doesn't happen.This article is intended to aid the UK government in protecting the UK from cyber attacks on its Critical National Infrastructure.

Like Unix systems, Linux implements a multi-user environment where users are granted specific privileges and there is some form of access control implemented.

To gain control over a Linux system or to cause any serious consequences to the system itself, the malware would have to gain root access to the system.

In the past, it has been suggested that Linux had so little malware because its low market share made it a less profitable target.

Over the past 20 years we have moved a very significant part of our identity online.

Our professional records, academic achievements, social standings and circle of friends can all be found in various social media networks.

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In 2008 the quantity of malware targeting Linux was noted as increasing.

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