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Britain thrilled to the 1960 wedding of Queen Elizabeth’s glamorous younger sister, Princess Margaret, and debonair photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones (soon to become Earl of Snowdon), the first commoner in four centuries to marry a king’s daughter.But while it seemed the 29-year-old Margaret had finally recovered from her heartbreak over Captain Peter Townsend, many close to the newlyweds saw trouble ahead.Afterward he wrote in his diary, “We enjoyed it enormously. Margaret Rose is a most attractive girl—lovely skin, lovely eyes, lovely mouth, very sure of herself and full of humour.” He added presciently, “She might get into trouble before she’s finished.”It was not long before she did.

We hope that they all resolve their separate challenges in the best way possible, and look forward to seeing them at other events.

As she removes the last book, a train pulls into the station.

She hops in, places it on a seat, hops out, and watches from the platform as the doors close and a young man inquisitively picks it up.

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  3. Reed is also a close friend of Somerhalder’s famous costar ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev — and, in fact, Dobrev and Reed both dated Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough. There’s been no official word, but Nina covers the August issue of Nylon and says, “” Ian popped into the interview to say they still share french fries or something. This isn’t the first fellow vampire that Nikki has dated either.