Dating someone with bad credit

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Dating someone with bad credit

Bad credit can cause a bevy of problems – the inability to obtain a loan, higher interest rates on loans you do receive, higher insurance premiums and even difficulty finding a job in certain industries.

There’s now a new problem to add to this list – difficulty finding a date.

Male respondents said financial savvy is just as important as physical attraction, slightly less important than sex and intimacy and much more important than career ambition.

While 57% of men say that credit scores play into their dating decisions, a staggering 75% of women said they consider the numerical rating.

Sure, bad credit can cause strain on a relationship, but you really shouldn’t discount everyone with bad credit; in this post-recession era it can severely limit your dating pool.

“Finances, education, and job prospects all factor into the value of a potential mate,” he says.But then why someone else’s bad credit should be a problem for you?The answer lies in the fact that once you get married to this person, knowingly or otherwise, you often end up having tied your fortunes to his/hers.So here are the facts about marrying someone with bad credit and what you can do about it.First of all it is necessary to understand what a bad credit means.

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Most respondents also said money management skills are just as important as looks when deciding whether someone is worth pursuing.

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