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Lives egypt ses chat

Deities' diverse appearances in art—as animals, humans, objects, and combinations of different forms—also alluded, through symbolism, to their essential features.In different eras, various gods were said to hold the highest position in divine society, including the solar deity Ra, the mysterious god Amun, and the mother goddess Isis.He’d been happily married, loved his wife and daughter to bits. ‘Because you were scared your wife was leaving you,’ the lawyer said from across the courtroom. Petr told the court how his wife, Monika, 36, would sort out the family’s towels every morning ready for a day on the beach, while he and his daughter, Klara, 8, dozed. ‘Mornings were breakfast then swimming,’ Petr told the court. She told me to get help.’ The Egyptian authorities confirmed both Monika and Klara had died of food poisoning and dehydration. Only, back home in the Czech Republic, the bodies of Monika and Klara were re-examined. ‘And you couldn’t deal with the humiliation.’ It had been while on holiday in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada two years before, in 2013, that Petr Kramny’s wife and daughter had died. ‘We enjoyed the holiday.’ But soon after they’d arrived, the Kramny family fell ill. ‘Monika was vomiting and had diarrhoea,’ Petr explained. And Klara was sleepy.’ They all agreed they should drink lots of water. And the Czech authorities claimed the Egyptian authorities had got it wrong.

free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.And if they didn’t feel better the next day, they’d find a doctor. The court listened, and some cried, when Petr Kramny described what happened next. And Petr told the court how Monika was friends with several men on Facebook…men he didn’t know. The prosecution argued yes, Petr Kramny had found out. As the electricity had surged through her mum, little Klara had grabbed hold of her. The highest deity was usually credited with the creation of the world and often connected with the life-giving power of the sun.Some scholars have argued, based in part on Egyptian writings, that the Egyptians came to recognize a single divine power that lay behind all things and was present in all the other deities.

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