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Downie does have a brother Mike, as referenced in the song, which led some fans to believe the lyrics about Mike killing a man in revenge for a rape were true. was written in response to the shooting deaths of 14 women at École Polytechnique on December 6, 1989.Arguably the strongest of the Tragically Hip’s unreleased songs, it was slated to be part of the album (1991) but was never recorded.20, CBC News offers an interactive road trip of the Canadian locales in Downie's lyrics — and the stories behind them.Millhaven Institution is a maximum security prison in Bath, Ont., near Kingston.

If the material is noted as copyrighted (by the poster), I'll still include it but will include the copyright notice as well.The shoulders are extremely delicate and multi-faceted, and imbalanced training can lead directly to devastating injuries (read: torn rotator cuff), poor posture (e.g. It’s designed to crank up the intensity and demolish the shoulders with larger compound exercises, and then slowly dig in and excavate individual regions one-by-one.slouching and hunching), and less-than-ideal aesthetics. Get ready for a caustic burn — your shoulders are about to get wrecked.The contents of this document is a compilation and paraphrasing by me of the information supplied by the readers of this the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/alt-sex/fetish-fashion - where the parts will simply be titled part1, part2, part3 and so on - or in the directory /pub/usenet/, where the parts will be titled: FAQ-Part1, FAQ-Part2, ... You can obtain it by E-mail as well if you have no ftp access, by sending an E-mail message to: This document was originally written by Per Gøtterup, but has been expanded again and again with the interesting stuff surfacing in the newsgroup - and stuff mailed to me directly - all edited and still maintained by Per Gøtterup.

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