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Susan Tepper's THE MERRILL DIARIES is a perfect summer book.

We follow Merrill on her misadventures as she tries to figure out what's next in her life.

That short list includes local producer, promoter and tastemaker Morgan Tepper, who makes music under the moniker DJ Lisa Frank.

For the last eight years, Tepper has been at the helm of the city’s music scene, getting her start as a DJ at American University’s student-run radio station WVAU before transitioning over as a public relations and marketing manager for U Street Music Hall when it opened in 2010. Besides big-named dance clubs like Flash and U Street Music Hall, the group is also known for hosting dance parties in unconventional places around the city, like their outdoor music series Petworth Park Summer Jam that took place at Petworth Recreational Center earlier this summer.

Once inside the multi-room Williamsburg space cum speakeasy, you’ll mingle with mobsters, showgirls, moles, and more as you gather clues about the murder of bootlegger Frank Spano, the real-life grandfather of show creator Cynthia von Buhler who was shot in 1935.

Culture guru Ross Tipograph raves about this performer-laden, immersive show which he caught during its original five-year run in Manhattan.

She also works for a local start up Lean Box, who are helping to revolutionize the break room with healthy snacks and clean meals.

Jess can be found sweating just about anywhere and anyhow around Boston.

After entering the “real-world” she joined Dance Works Boston, where she is still a member.

She found a passion for fitness and sweating with like-minded people when she moved to Boston.

Perhaps it was Why You Should Go: To fully experience a different time period…one of secrecy, crime, intrigue—and dapper fashion.

This is a sensual, engaging experience perfect for friends or, better yet, a date night.

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My first impression of Merrill is that she is a woman on a quest or an odyssey, though that would imply a goal of some sort; apparently Merrill’s goal is to simply go. At the beginning of Merrill’s journey we find her in a dead-end marriage to Teddy, who seems a decent enough guy, good looking, but clueless; he doesn’t like Merrill bringing up that “stupid women lib stuff” that she gets from that “commie magazine” called Ms.(yeah, they are clearly not living in the same reality).

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