Topamax expiration dating

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That means that the brand name from the first manufacturer of Topiramate was Topamax and it was made and marketed by Ortho-Mc Neil in 1996.

The branded version of Topamax became available as a generic in 2009.

Pregnant women must not start or stop taking this medication without their doctor’s advice.

This medication may cause cleft lip or cleft palate in the baby if taken during pregnancy.

Topiramate may harm an unborn baby, but seizure during pregnancy can also be detrimental for both mother and baby.

Let your doctor know immediately if you become pregnant while taking Topiramate.

Topiramate is also prescribed for preventing migraine headaches in adults.J&J says TBA is not considered toxic but can generate an “offensive odor” and that a “very small number of patients” have reported temporary gastrointestinal symptoms.Topiramate is an anti seizure drug, also called as an anti convulsant.Each branded prescription drug also has a generic name, which you will often see in parentheses following the brand name.When the patent exclusivity for a brand name product expires, often times multiple generic manufacturers seek approval from the FDA to manufacture and sell generic versions of the branded drug.

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Such products might have been labeled and distributed by Rugby and other companies.

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