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Tyler perry dating football player

Significantly lacking in star wattage (including Perry’s own), this sluggish, relentlessly downbeat portrait of a young couple in crisis should play well to Perry’s fanbase, but won’t draw anywhere near Madea-sized crowds at a very competitive Easter box office.

Like many of Perry’s films, this one originated as a stage play, though judging from the evidence onscreen, it’s hard to imagine it playing very far outside the dinner-theater circuit.

On the other hand, people go in droves to see these movies, regardless of how poorly received they are by critics.

Do not just take my word for it, but rather go to your local theater and see just how many people are sitting in the auditorium, laughing at the antics of Tyler Perry in drag.On that note, the flaws of Tyler Perry’s films can almost be forgiven I wish I could say that “Boo!The devil is in the details — or perhaps under the bed sheets — in “Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” a ludicrous marital drama-cum-morality play from contemporary black cinema’s most prolific multihyphenate.In an interview with Nick Allen, Tyler Perry described the audience of his movies, saying he could, Could it be that Tyler Perry’s films have a quality that transcends racial divides?In a time when racial tensions are extremely high in this country, it is inspiring to see that something as simple as an old woman shouting profane wisdom and smacking idiots is enough to bring us together.

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