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Updating inside an oracle

PROCEDURE (dept_id ) AS BEGIN FOR r IN (SELECT * FROM emp WHERE comm IS NULL AND extra IS NOT NULL AND deptno = dept_id) LOOP UPDATE emp SET comm = extra WHERE comm IS NULL AND extra IS NOT NULL AND deptno = dept_id; INSERT INTO changed_comm (deptno, oldval, newval) VALUES (dept_id, r.comm, r.extra); END LOOP; EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN NULL; END; CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE pro_cedure( p_dept_id number ) IS TYPE changed_table_type IS TABLE OF changed%ROWTYPE; changed_buff changed_table_type; BEGIN SELECT deptno, comm, extra BULK COLLECT INTO changed_buff FROM emp WHERE comm IS NULL AND extra IS NOT NULL AND deptno = p_dept_id FOR UPDATE; UPDATE emp SET comm = extra WHERE comm IS NULL AND extra IS NOT NULL AND deptno = p_dept_id; FORALL i IN 1 ..changed_buff.count INSERT INTO changed VALUES changed_buff( i ); END; / can contain ten thousands and more rows, then this procedure might be slow, becasue it will consume a huge amount of PGA memory.Without uniqueness, you are reduced to something like @Paul Karr's loop -- and if there is not a unique correlation, then more than one target row may be updated for each source row.UPDATE Table1 T1 SET T1= (SELECT T2FROM Table2 T2 WHERE T2= T1.id), T1= (SELECT T2FROM Table2 T2 WHERE T2= T1.id) WHERE T1IN (SELECT T2FROM Table2 T2 WHERE T2= T1.id); The full example is here: beef is in having the columns that you want to use as the key in parentheses in the where clause before 'in' and have the select statement with the same column names in parentheses.NUMBER; new_number := new_number 1; ELSIF my Cursor%NOTFOUND THEN EXIT; END IF; END LOOP; END; inside the loop and it will display all unique numbers found in TABLE with each iteration, so the loop itself seems to be working. To be honest, I never even heard of MERGE before but I kind of intuitivle thought there was a better solution — that's why I asked for it.Will look into MERGE for other occasions in the future. With every iteration it 'overwrote' the prompt to confirm/commit and only asked for the last change that occured.

So here is waht I did so far: At first I query all unique 'numbers' in that table, then I loop over the result table to replace each of 'number' found with the generated 'new_number'.where (column1,column2) in ( I didn't down rate, but it isn't a good solution.Firstly: if the subselect was returning multiple values, then the for loop will be overwriting the name on table2 multiple times for some/all records (not clean). Assuming the outcome of the for loop was intended, the original subselect could have been rewritten in some controlled way to return only 1 value for each record...You should try enclosing your parameters in single quotes (and you are missing the final THEN in the Case expression).UPDATE tab1 SET budgpost_gr1= CASE WHEN (budgpost in ('1001','1012','50055')) THEN 'BP_GR_A' WHEN (budgpost in ('5','10','98','0')) THEN 'BP_GR_B' WHEN (budgpost in ('11','876','7976','67465')) THEN 'What?

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