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However, each time the image boots up, the virtual Ethernet card will have a different MAC address, so this information must be deleted from the configuration file.

There is a utility called virt-sysprep, that performs various cleanup tasks such as removing the MAC address references.

Assume that the name of your virtual machine image is The Ubuntu installer will ask how you want to manage upgrades on your system. If your virtual machine instances will be connected to the Internet, we recommend “Install security updates automatically”.

When building Ubuntu images cloud-init must be explicitly configured for the metadata source in use.

Note: If you have a low-specification computer, certain features may be automatically turned off to conserve system resources.

When it comes to installing popular Linux flavour Ubuntu, there are so many useful snippets of information on blogs and guides all over the internet.

In the meantime I thought I would just manually update my repositories to upgrade to Feisty and see how that route worked for me.The Open Stack metadata server emulates the EC2 metadata service used by images in Amazon EC2.To set the metadata source to be used by the image run the dpkg-reconfigure command against the during the installation process.Start the installation process by using either virt-manager or virt-install as described in the previous section.If you use virt-install, do not forget to connect your VNC client to the virtual machine.

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