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Updating your social networks

Changing your profile picture on Facebook is easy on Android; you just have to know where to look. (See all Android tutorials.) There are two main ways you can change your profile picture on Android. If you wish to maintain the original size and position, simply press Done. Once again, start by opening the Facebook app and logging in. Once you are in your Profile Page, tap on the Photos square were you will be able to see photos of you and your Albums.

One is incredibly straightforward and lets you change it to any picture you already have loaded to your Facebook page.

The other is a little more tricky, but it opens up the option of using pictures taken on your Android smartphone or tablet as your new Facebook profile. Changing your Facebook Profile Picture from your Android device should not be challenging or take a long time.

Once you're in your profile page, tap on your profile picture. Once you have chosen one, simply select it and you will be taken to the next step. Move and scale: You will have the option of moving and/or rescaling your photo to suit your preferences. Select the album where the picture you want to take is located.

One of the most important things to remember is that your social media marketing company or consultant will be creating messages for your brand.This is the last time the entire research from Edison will be released for free.It’s just too valuable to be given away wholesale, considering it costs tens of thousands of dollars to produce.Don’t think of it as someone who is just “handling” your Twitter account.Realize that anything they say on your behalf might be the first (or last) thing someone sees from your brand.

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But you can get exclusive access to the Social Habit research when it’s refreshed and expanded in early Fall. And if you’re interested in including a question about your company or a category of social media usage of particular interest to your organization, that may be an option (click for details, fees apply). 74 percent of Americans are unfamiliar with the concept of checking in to a location via mobile device, and only three percent have ever checked in.

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